Renovation of apartments with meaning
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Renovation of apartments with meaning

Your appartment overhaul renovation.
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The interior of the apartment will be made exactly as you want. You can choose one of the ready-made options or assemble your own.

• Individual design project

A personal architect will prepare a design project for you with light, furniture and decor.

• Own show room

Here you can choose the appropriate style of the apartment, touch the materials, as well as see some elements of the finished interior.

• Transparency

We work only under the contract, which means that our customers know the cost of their repairs and receive it on time.

  • All inclusive
  • Fixed
    price and terms
  • Installment plan
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Every day, residents of megacities and big cities face various stressful situations, and therefore many people try to limit themselves from unnecessary worries and save nerves. Trying to renovate an apartment on your own will definitely bring a lot of extra hassle into your life. Therefore, the ideal solution in such a situation would be a turnkey apartment renovation, made by qualified craftsmen.

By using the service from the company “Pan Remont”, you will be able to save time and money, as well as save your nerves and strength.

High-quality turnkey apartment renovation in Odessa consists of clearly planned operations: development and design project, professional construction work, redevelopment of the apartment, finishing the room, etc.

Turnkey professional repair services have many benefits. The main thing is that all actions will be carried out from “A” to “I” in each room of the apartment. Accordingly, you do not have to spend your precious time and step by step to deal with each room, while living for a long time on a “construction site” with a mountain of garbage.

The cost of turnkey apartment renovation in Odessa from the company “Pan Remont” is pleased with the loyal prices. You can order designer, inexpensive and modern repairs of any level of complexity directly on the company’s website, as well as take professional advice from experts.

What is included in turnkey repair of apartments from “Pan Repair”

Turnkey apartment renovation service is a great opportunity for you to get fully ready to move in housing at reasonable prices. Usually the list of actions includes:

Inspection of the object and removal of necessary measurements by masters of the company

This stage is very important, because it directly affects the correctness of the estimate and all the necessary project documentation;

Design project

Typically, renovations from scratch include redevelopment of the home in order to make the most of the space. Accordingly, redevelopment entails not only a change in the documentation for the apartment, but also a number of other nuances. For example, all actions must be carried out in accordance with established norms and safety rules. That is why it is better to trust the design to professionals;

Working with a designer

Competent from working with a designer who will help you choose the perfect interior based on your taste preferences;

Choice of building and finishing materials for the apartment

At this stage, building materials are selected taking into account the already selected technologies, as well as the design of the future interior;


Removal of pre-treatment, dismantling of walls, plumbing and utilities with subsequent installation of new walls, partitions, plumbing and utilities;

Other works

Laying of floor coverings and decorative works.

Professional apartment renovation from “Pan Remont” has many advantages, because you can:


Save your own time and effort, because absolutely all organizational issues the company will take over without your personal presence;

Reduce financial costs

The company is well acquainted with the prices for building materials on the market and directly cooperates with proven suppliers of specialized products;

Be confident in quality

“Pan Remont” guarantees the quality of services provided and is fully responsible for the complex of works performed on the repair of your apartment.

Turnkey apartment renovation is also convenient because it covers all the rooms in your room, from the hallway and living room to the bathroom. This will allow you to maintain the design of housing in one style, regardless of whether you choose ultra-modern high-tech, relaxed loft or timeless classics.

Turnkey repair of apartments – the price in Odessa

Prices for turnkey apartment renovation in Odessa are acceptable, and the cost of professional assistance from “Pan Repair” will cost you no more (but rather even cheaper) than independent attempts to modernize housing. If there is to be a large project with a complete turnkey apartment conversion, the company provides its customers with favorable discounts. Do not be afraid that the repair will go beyond your budget, because the estimate is based on the allocated funds and pre-agreed with the customer. Thus the price of all services will always be accurately regulated: beginning from dismantle of small details and finishing with connection of engineering systems.

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Comfortable life in the apartment is impossible without good repairs. Planning and footage are important, but it is the design that gives housing conceptuality, creates coziness and a comfortable atmosphere. It is a pleasure to return to a competently renovated and arranged space after work, to rest from everyday worries and to gather strength for new accomplishments.

Modern apartment renovation is radically different from what it was 10-15 years ago. The variety of building materials, technological solutions and current design trends – all this affects the final result. Therefore, to update the design of the house yourself is not the best idea. If you want the design of the room to be stylish and functional, the best option would be a professional turnkey design renovation of apartments.

Repair without time and effort on your part

Most of us do not even know the amount of work that needs to be done to qualitatively transform the living space into something completely new, more practical and comfortable. In this process, there are many components:

involvement of various specialists – wrinkles, designer, builders;
constant improvement, study of new solutions and technologies;
practical experience in solving problems of different levels of complexity;