Renovation of apartments with meaning
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General issues

  • Yes, sure! You can get a 3-year warranty in addition to the contract for the renovation of the premises.

  • After evaluating the work done and if we have a properly designed project design, we can continue the renovation.

  • If the project is drawn up in accordance with all the standards, we will be able to work with it.

  • Our company was registered in 2020. The specialists working for us are professionals in their field and are not beginners. We have come together under a new brand to bring the best experience gained over the years.

  • Our show room is located at Odessa, st. Chernyakhovsky 13. Landmark corner st. Shady

  • Undesirable. The repair process is quite dusty and noisy – this can adversely affect your health and mood later. This will also entail an increase in the terms of work.

  • Yes

  • It is advisable to vacate the premises during the repair work in order to avoid damage to property. If you do not have such an opportunity, the furniture must be covered with a protective film and stored in a room allocated for this.

  • First of all, we recommend visiting our Show room located at Odessa, st. Chernyakhovsky 13.

    You can also call +38 048 734 07 30; +38 067 440 75 10 and our specialists will answer all your questions, suggest a convenient time to visit the Showroom.

    After visiting the Showroom and identifying all your needs in the design of the premises, our measurer leaves for you for measurements. Then a contract for the development of a design project is concluded.

About design project

  • The design project includes the following sections:

    1. Measurement plan
    2. Dismantling plan
    3. Reconstruction plan
    4. Furniture layout plan
    5. Plan for the placement of sanitary equipment with reference
    6. Ceiling plan with material specification. Coffered lighting sections
    7. Layout of lighting fixtures
    8. Lighting plan by inclusion groups
    9. Plan for the placement of electrical equipment with references. With an indication of the bindings of the regulators for electric underfloor heating
    10. Floor plan layout
    11. Specification of Recommended Finishing Materials

    Additionally, the design project can be expanded with the following sections:

    1. Development of walls with a tile layout indicating the size, article number and area of ​​the selected material
    2. Drawings of customized products
    3. Visualization of 4-5 views for each room

  • Main sections from 10 to 15 working days. Interior visualization up to 15 working days.

  • If the design project is drawn up in accordance with all the standards, we will be able to work with it.

About repair

  • The cost of repair includes the following services:

    1. Departure of a specialist for measurements
    2. Drawing up a detailed estimate
    3. A package of working documentation with all the drawings of the room
    4. Draft materials
    5. Electrical work
    6. Plumbing work
    7. Plastering work
    8. Installation of stretch ceilings
    9. Wallpaper gluing
    10. Painting of curtains and slopes
    11. Tiling works
    12. Floor device
    13. Installation of interior doors